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Efficient, and reliable. Quick delivery.
Dja - avatar Dja

Good quality, reliable product. And quick delivery !
Clavreul Djaufre - avatar Clavreul Djaufre
White Vein Maeng Da Powder
White Vein Maeng Da Powder September 10, 2020

Nice for energy, last a bit longer than most kratom, but not as good mood boost as I had with White Bali.
Šimon Hříbal - avatar Šimon Hříbal

It made me a bit overstimulated, but that's probably because of the red one included, which don't agree with me. But mood boost and increased sociability were definitely there.
Šimon Hříbal - avatar Šimon Hříbal

The product is good, the service was fast, and I had no problem with delivery. Thank you!
Arne Kukkonen - avatar Arne Kukkonen

This one is really ok for my pains
daniel j. - avatar daniel j.

It is ok but less powerful for me
daniel j. - avatar daniel j.

Fast delivering and a great service
Sergejs K. - avatar Sergejs K.

High quality product
sylvie Berson - avatar sylvie Berson
Red Vein Bali Powder
Red Vein Bali Powder April 29, 2020

Packaging/shipping: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Norwegian72 - avatar Norwegian72