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Cryptocurrency has the ability to “give power back to the people. To eliminate current social structures and systems that disenfranchise individuals. To provide the foundations of a system that’s transparent yet secure. Where corruption is exposed and rampant inflation ended.”

Summary of Kratom Payments Available

The aim of this short article is to briefly educate Kratom customers on the struggles we as vendors face with regards to payments and to shine a light on some of the safe and easy to use payment options that are predominantly available when purchasing Kratom online. There is only a tiny percentage of online Kratom vendors that offer streamlined, customer friendly card payments at the checkout, these vendors have a huge competitive advantage in comparison to the vast majority of online vendors.

Why the majority of vendors don’t offer POS payments?

This isn’t a choice and this by no means reflects the quality of the products or reliability of that vendor, in fact we have to work extremely hard to gain our customers trust by means of high end service and premium grade Kratom so we urge you to be open minded and take the time to explore other payment options when selecting a suitable supplier. Merchants unfortunately will not support our product line and approve our Businesses for POS payments, regardless of country or location. Many vendors commit fraud in order to acquire merchant approval by concealing the products their actually selling or some vendors resort to the use of offshore banks particularly in HongKong to process their payments.

In short, there is no easily attainable and legal payment processing solution currently available for Kratom vendors internationally. In an effort to gain control of the market vendors risk committing fraud or expensive temporary loopholes in order to gain a competitive edge. These vendors sit comfortably at the top often putting little to no effort into the quality of their products since they gain so much revenue from impulse purchases and the element of trust their payment processor provides by being one of the very few online vendors to offer such payments. Scratch beneath the surface just a little and you’ll find that the merchant accounts these leading Kratom companies utilise are questionable to say the least. Merchants face huge fines from the banks if their caught processing payments fior Kratom vendors. Hopefully, once Kratom starts to move towards regulation we might begin to see some positive change.

So what payment options are available and how long do payments take to complete?

Below are the two of the payment options we offer but some vendors have other payment options available, including digital wallets and E-cheque services etc.

Direct Bank Transfer
We offer Direct Bank Transfer payments for the majority of currencies and hold a multi currency Business account. As long as you make payment to the appropriate currency account provided at the checkout; payment completion is no longer than a couple of hours.

We offer CryptoCurrency payments for the majority of CryptoCurrencies, you can complete your instant crypto payment at the checkout. Some crypto wallet companies even offer large cash back rewards for signups and first time purchases.

For more information on Kratom payments and the options we have available please contact us via Email or our contact form.

We’re here to help. Keep calm and Kratom on!

Mitra Genie Kratom Team

2 thoughts on “Kratom Payments

  1. Jerry says:

    I have never used Cryptocurrency before. Where is the best place to start?

    1. urbNspice says:

      Hi Jerry, we accept a ton of different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. You should start by setting up a wallet, I would recommend using coinbase here’s a link to their website or you can even setup a wallet via their App. You’ll be provided with a unique wallet code known as keys once you’ve successfully set up your wallet, these keys can be used at the checkout on our website to make an instant cryptocurrency payment for your order.

      You can typically purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trough coinbase or yout wallet provider.

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